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Creating experiences that have a positive effect

Experience has an impact on competition, reputation, and consumer happiness in every industry. And, for the most part, the network determines the degree and type of service that can be provided by most enterprises.

Users, devices, and apps all want stable, dependable, and optimal network experiences from client to cloud, regardless of their location. Simultaneously, user privacy must be preserved, cyber risks must be avoided, and confidential data must be kept safe.

Enterprise network IT teams are now working in a constantly changing environment with accelerated demands and increasing complexity. IT teams are working hard to achieve network service level standards as the quantity and variety of customers, apps, and devices in campuses and branch environments grow.

This approach is best shown by Juniper’s recent release of new additions to its AI-Driven Enterprise portfolio: The Juniper Mist Cloud makes campus fabric management and wired/wireless repair at scale easier than ever before, thanks to simplification, increased operator insight, and automation.

Campus network simplification, optimization, and enhancement

Many campus networks have struggled to keep up while relying on architectures and technologies that were not meant to handle the massive rise in the number and types of devices in use today. EVPN-VXLAN technology, on the other hand, might be difficult to deploy and operate.

IT admins have exceptional automation, insight, and troubleshooting with Mist AI and Marvis Virtual Network Assistant on their team, while self-driving activities and predictive actions can prevent problems before they occur, streamline operations, lower costs, and protect service revenues.

Increasing the worth of services and operations

The capabilities of today’s AI-driven network go far beyond connecting people, data, and gadgets. CIOs can utilise Juniper solutions to not only ensure services, prevent revenue loss, and save money, but they can also use their campus and business networks to provide enhanced experiences and new services to engage users and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Greater mobility and accessibility to meet the demands of the modern employee

These upgrades to Juniper’s AI-Driven Enterprise platform could not come at a better time: Organisations are seeking ways of making their networks location-agnostic, facilitating more user mobility by placing their data centre in the cloud, and remote and hybrid working appear to be here to stay.

Long-term relationships built on openness and trust

Juniper networks are designed on an open architecture, which means there is no vendor lock-in, and rather than continually pushing innovative solutions on our clients, Juniper shares its thoughts and ideas.

Juniper’s latest AI-driven enterprise solution advancements reaffirm the organisation’s commitment to its experience-first networking and show how confidently its message and solution are driving the market.

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