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Are you ready to see how intent-based networking might improve your data centre? Learn how Juniper’s Apstra Solution can help your IT staff automate the data centre network from design to deployment and operations.

Apstra takes a unique approach to networking. Apstra is a pioneer in intent-driven networking, abstracting network programmability and allowing network engineers to configure intent rather than device characteristics. We expect the network to operate a certain way, so we set our intent to match.

The Issue

We anticipate a network to act in a certain way since it is a logical design of numerous components such as cables, hardware, and configurations. Unfortunately, many who lack foresight fail to see the network as a coherent whole, focusing instead on its separate components. Many massive networks are so complicated that an engineer’s ability to see the full picture accurately is impossible.

The Solution

The Apstra Operating System maintains situational awareness from a technology standpoint. This indicates that AOS is aware of the big picture. Because it understands what the engineer expects from the network, it can identify when something isn’t quite right by comparing the current state to the intended state. The aim is what we expect from the network, and this is how Apstra overcomes network blindness.

Apstra in a Nutshell

Apstra has been created with the goal of improving network performance, scalability, and agility. It uses design templates for everything from cabling to provisioning, ensuring that your network keeps working as it should. This intent-based approach monitors modifications and notifies your operations team if there are any brownouts or departures from your original intent.

Are you ready to start using intent-based networking but do not know where to begin? Learn how to automate your Datacentres from design to deployment by signing up for a demo with DS Total Solutions.

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