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Fortinet’s recent innovation in next-generation firewall technology is comparable to discovering your kids’ music – it might not be immediately comprehensible, but it signifies a shift in the status quo. Nirav Shah, Fortinet’s VP of product, emphasizes the pivotal role firewalls play in safeguarding modern data center. The demand for higher-performance interfaces intensifies as enterprise solutions evolve, accommodating workloads spanning multiple locations and clouds.

DS Total Solutions recognizes the dynamic nature of enterprise data centers. That is why, with the help of its partners they offer solutions that are no longer confined to on-premises; instead, they extend across diverse data centers and private clouds. Particularly this shift amplifies the importance of next-generation firewalls in securing data traffic moving both within the data center (east-west) and in and out of it (north-south). This evolution is underscored by projections from the Dell’Oro Group, expecting significant growth in shipments of 200Gbit/sec to 400Gbit/sec switches, driven by AI and bandwidth-intensive applications.

While high-throughput, low-latency switching has a historical presence, Shah argues that it compromises security, especially in highly regulated sectors like healthcare and finance. The challenge lies in the incapacity of most next-generation firewalls to effectively inspect traffic at these high speeds. Fortinet addressed this challenge with its NP7 ASIC-based FortiGate 4200F and 4400F next-gen firewalls in late 2020, targeting high-performance data centers and hyperscale clients.

This week, Fortinet introduced the FortiGate 3700F, taking a step further by packing multiple 400Gbit/sec ports into an even smaller 2U chassis. Although it sacrifices some raw capacity, coming in at 600Gbit/sec, it is a strategic move aimed at customers dealing with substantial flows of sensitive data within and between private cloud and data centers. This is especially relevant for hyperscale data centers with specific compliance and performance requirements.

It is acknowledged that the diverse needs of its clientele especially in healthcare, where large volumes of sensitive data are commonplace, the demand for high-performance next-gen firewalls like the FortiGate 3700F is robust. Similarly, financial institutions engaged in high-frequency trading require security appliances capable of handling millions of latency-sensitive connections every second. The FortiGate 3700F addresses this need with support for latencies down to two microseconds.

While the demand for these high-performance firewalls is currently concentrated in specific industries, Shah anticipates a broader adoption across data centers in the future. The FortiGate 3700F, focusing on security ASICs and adaptability to sensitive data flows, positions itself as an ideal solution for clients navigating hyperscale data centers.

Fortinet recognizes the significance of integrating next-generation firewalls as part of a comprehensive security strategy. Shah emphasizes the role of network firewalls in extending zero-trust principles deeper into the data center. This becomes crucial as data flows increase, emphasizing the need for a robust security infrastructure. DS Total Solutions, with its commitment to client-centric solutions, aligns with the vision of utilizing micro-segmentation in data centers, positioning the firewall as a central component.

The evolving landscape of data center security introduces challenges and alternatives. While Fortinet’s firewall-centric approach has proven effective, new security appliances, particularly Data Processing Units (DPUs), emerge as alternatives. DS Total Solutions remains vigilant about industry developments, considering potential advancements like FortiDPU, which align with Fortinet’s tradition of designing optimized networking and security ASICs.

In conclusion, Fortinet’s commitment to innovation is evident in its continuous efforts to address evolving security needs. DS Total Solutions, fortified by partnerships with Fortinet and Dell, is at the forefront of implementing these cutting-edge solutions. As the data centrer landscape transforms, DS Total Solutions remains dedicated to providing secure, adaptable, and efficient solutions in collaboration with its trusted partners.

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