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No matter where you live in the world, right now the Covid-19 pandemic is like forcing some sizable changes in your life. The business of all types seem to be in the same situation as well and have had to adjust on the go as the restrictions were put into place to slow down the spread of this outbreak. As a result, much of the global economy and the internal operations of many businesses have ground to a halt.

However, there is one industry that remains more or less unaffected and that is the IT industry. Not only is the global IT industry minimally affected it seems to have taken a step up to accommodate the sudden increase demand for collaboration solutions and remote working as a lot of businesses have opted to go digital. This change was such a sudden and dramatic one that now questions are being raised if these companies will ever go back to operating the way they used to.

Companies all over the globe have spent billions in software, hardware, and manhours to improve and upgrade their systems to meet the sudden spike in demand. The fact that so many companies managed to pull that off in such a short period of time is indeed impressive. As different countries are just now beginning to loosen coronavirus-related restrictions, IT teams need to figure out how they can manage to keep this momentum going because this is what society is going to look like in a few years. We all might as well get used to this “new normal”.

Considerations for post-COVID infrastructure

One thing that is certain about the IT industry during this crisis is that it will change profoundly. It is going to force a complete rethinking of what it will take to accommodate business technology needs as we move forward. For a lot of people, the most notable adjustment they had to make was transitioning between working from an office to working from home. Besides, the way business is conducted has also switched rather rapidly from in-person to online. For IT professionals, this meant making extraordinary changes to the infrastructure as well as the software to cater to these rapidly changing demands.

Stay Relevant in the Cloud

Businesses and services are becoming heavily reliant on networking infrastructure as more and more people shift to web-based services. This requires them to upgrade their networking hardware to keep up with the high traffic demand, to not strain their networking capabilities. The upgrade is critical if these businesses wish to remain competitive as online customers have little patience for web-based services that are slow and provide a lag ridden service.
DS Total Solutions has abundant experience in helping businesses develop as well as maintain an IT service management strategy that will meet the needs of every type of customer today and in the future. When working with DS Total Solutions, you can discuss specific infrastructure solutions with us like:

Cloud Infrastructure

Moving your business’s infrastructure to the cloud is great to move we regularly suggest to our clientele. Not only does it eliminate the need for support on-site. It also makes it much simpler and faster to set up new hardware to meet the rapidly evolving needs of your customers.

Hybrid Infrastructure

While moving to the cloud indeed is ideal a business doesn’t have to shift all at once. You can transition gradually using our hybrid solution as it is among our popular solutions. In fact, it is the go-to option for the majority of medium-sized enterprises.

Online Portals

Creating a business’s very own online portal is the much sought-after solution in the Covid-age. It allows customers and employees to access the business portal from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. In the past this just meant displaying key information on a website, now it means enabling total access to the complete suite of products and services from the comfort of one’s home. This requires setting up the required hardware and DS Total Solutions is here to provide that for you.

Think about the evolving customer and employee needs and take the necessary steps to adapt. Fortunately, we live in an age where technology can be moulded to adapt to our specific needs. Whether your company is expanding to the cloud or strengthening its existing infrastructure to handle more traffic, DS total solutions can provide the expertise required for any infrastructure upgrade.

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