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Fortinet’s Innovations in Next-Gen Firewall Technology: Revolutionizing Data Center Security

Fortinet’s recent innovation in next-generation firewall technology is comparable to discovering your kids’ music – it might not be immediately comprehensible, but it signifies a shift in the status quo. Nirav Shah, Fortinet’s VP of product, emphasizes the pivotal role firewalls play in safeguarding modern data center. The demand for higher-performance interfaces intensifies as enterprise […]

Why Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) Are A Must For Your Networks

Juniper Networks provides high-performance next-generation firewalls that deliver granular control and visibility from client to workload. These firewalls ensure a threat-aware network with features like application identification, user identification, protection from network and application exploits, malware detection and prevention, Encrypted Traffic Insights, URL filtering, and malicious website blocking. More About Juniper’s NGFW With the rise […]

5 Ways To Make Your Company Network Secure

With increased cyber security threats and recurring attacks on network securities, business networks are under immense pressure to ensure maximum security. Furthermore,  the complex and intricate nature of attacks makes it even more crucial for data centers to take the network more seriously. Network breach is a risk for any and every organization no matter […]