Pioneering Reliable, Secure, and User-Friendly IoT Solutions

Teletonika Networks is a rapidly growing technology company specializing in the manufacturing of professional connectivity equipment for international markets. With over 24 years of experience in the IoT business, Teletonika has developed a broad portfolio of products tailored for complex areas such as Industry 4.0, Smart City, and Green Energy.

Teletonika's Edge

Teletonika Networks offers reliable, secure, and easy-to-use connectivity solutions designed to meet the needs of diverse industries. Whether you’re operating in Industry 4.0, Smart City, or Green Energy sectors, Teletonika’s products provide the robust connectivity infrastructure necessary for efficient operations and seamless communication.

The Value We Bring In


  • Teletonika Networks prioritizes reliability in product design.
  • Industrial devices withstand rigorous environments.
  • Multiple backup scenarios ensure connection continuity.


  • Regular safety tests ensure the highest level of security.
  • Periodical firmware updates eliminate risks of breaches.

Ease of Use:

  • Products designed for professional applications.
  • No special training is required for use.
  • Saves time during implementation.