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The significance of genuine AIOps is recognised by Juniper Networks’ campus and branch customers. Mist AI not only reduces IT costs by simplifying processes but also delivers the important insights and actions to optimise end-user experiences for five of the Fortune/Global 10 companies, the top university in the world, and the biggest healthcare system in the United States.

While the rest of the industry is busy putting their AI stories together and promising big things, Juniper, powered by Mist AI, keeps delivering. A new AI-Driven Enterprise portfolio upgrades that lift the standard even higher, including:

  • The new EX4400 Switch is the industry’s advanced secure access switch, designed for the cloud and born in the AI era.
  • Session Smart SD-WAN WAN Assurance with Marvis Virtual Network Assistant (VNA)
  • Mist AI-assisted SRX Series Next-Generation Firewall operations

We showed that artificial intelligence and machine learning might be used on Wi-Fi to deliver much-needed automation, insight, and self-driving behaviours at Mist Systems, where the vision for the AI-driven company began. Juniper purchased Mist in order to extend the AIOps algorithm to the remainder of the networking stack.

By bringing wired, SD-WAN, and security under the same Mist AI umbrella as wireless, we’re putting our users – network architects, builders, and operators – at the centre of everything we do, ensuring that their consumers – the sales associate providing a demo over Teams, the associate using a point-of-sale scanner in a store, students participating in remote classes with Zoom from their dorm room, and the developer coding the next billion-dollar app – are as happy We refer to this as “Experience-First Networking.”

Secure Environment

Juniper has long had one of the strongest platforms for defending against malware, exploits, C2 communication, and zero-day threats, as proven by a recent report from ICSA Labs, which gave Juniper a 100% security effectiveness rating with zero false positives. Juniper provides great security to our SD-WAN customers by combining these security capabilities within the SRX with the Zero Trust Network Access and session integrity provided by Session Smart Routing.

From client-to-cloud execution to a unique vision

The Mist AI engine drives everything from the client to the cloud. Juniper has risen to the top of the wired and wireless access market as a result of our ability to execute on this, which we are extending by offering these services on Juniper’s behalf.

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