We deal with the sale, delivery and supply of our products in exchange for that of our customer via our trade in format. We make it possible with our world-leading supply chain management and distribution. At DS Total Solutions, we are offering solutions to all.

Our goal is to bring the best possible options in the most economic packages for our clients. We are currently providing a full-fledged end-to-end maintenance service which makes our trade-in products fulfill the needs of our clients as they have our premium customer experience. With our stock availability, global logistics division, credible vendors and multiple options our equipment can be quickly delivered anywhere in the world.

With our extensive experience for more than 15 years in dealing with the most complex network and server systems, we have a diverse background and the right resources to not only supply hardware but also provide expert consultation and third-party maintenance between vendor and client. Our dedicated team takes time in understanding the business requirements and matching a solution to meet every customer’s specific needs.

Our expert consultants further review the package picked out and give their expert opinion to make any necessary changes. This makes sure that you are not only getting rid of an inadequate setup but also getting a useful, affordable and better alternative. All systems are configured and tested prior to shipping guaranteeing a working solution is delivered to site.


Our unique third-party network maintenance
and third-party server maintenance ensures
high-end deliverance through a simplified
procedure with multiple options.