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When it comes to networking equipment there are so many different types of hardware that are a part of it, from routers, switches, and modems to bridges, repeaters and access points. All this equipment comes with a considerable price tag and once they start adding up even a simple network can get quite expensive.

Some companies prefer to buy brand-new networking equipment without batting an eye, particularly because of the enticing guarantee that comes with it. Other companies would rather go for refurbished networking equipment to cut costs. If you feel torn between the two options, new or refurbished, here are a few strong reasons to consider opting for refurbished equipment to build your network.

Refurbished Equipment Offers Warranty

When you specifically purchase your refurbished equipment from suppliers who have agreements with the original manufacturers. You will receive a partial if not a full warranty for the system hardware. Every component is carefully examined by qualified technicians, the defective parts are replaced and are tested thoroughly.

It is a common misconception that refurbished equipment is somehow of lower quality because it is used. Warranty provided by refurbished equipment sellers considerably minimize the risk, because the inspection and testing process certifies the products as resalable and eliminates the chances of receiving defective products.

Considerable Cost Savings

Companies that prefer to go for new hardware pay top-dollar for it. The cost of production, materials, technician wages and R&D are built into the price tag. On the other hand, when it comes to refurbished networking equipment the prices can vary as there is no Blue Book for networking equipment. So, you will find that there is room for negotiation with your seller.

Abundant Availability

Every piece of refurbished network equipment is one that’s been available in the market for a considerable time. This means you won’t encounter any delays when ordering it, as new products take several weeks to come through and often run out of stock when being advertised. In addition, a new product by definition means it is scarce resulting in higher prices by the laws of demand and supply.

Abundantly Available Parts

Something that often gets overlooked when looking to purchase IT equipment is the availability of parts. If you purchase a piece of equipment that has been in circulation for a while, spare parts for such hardware are going to be abundantly available. All technicians would already be knowledgeable about the equipment and small upgrades and maintenance will be swift and easy to conduct.

Ongoing Support

Another advantage of refurbished equipment is the existing customer support and service that is so easily accessible. When dealing with a quality vendor like DS Total Solutions, you receive all the guidance you require in selecting the right combination of networking equipment for your specific needs.

Going Refurbished is Green

Besides the benefit refurbished equipment has on your IT budget, it also a very Green decision your can make as Company. The manufacture of computing hardware from scratch depletes a lot of natural resources, from the raw material required to produce to the power required to run them. Opting for refurbished equipment is a very responsible decision because you are extending the useful life of a machine rather than needlessly scraping them for brand-new hardware. This minimizes the environmental footprint you leave behind as a company.

Every single reason mentioned above would be enough to convince any forward-thinking organization to opt for refurbished equipment. All the reasons combined make a very strong case for it. Whether your company is expanding to the cloud or strengthening its existing infrastructure to handle more traffic, DS total solutions can provide the expertise and the infrastructure required for any and all upgrades.

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