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Green Computing or Green IT is an increasingly popular practice of sustainable computing considering the wellbeing of the environment. Essentially it is all about the study of utilizing computer systems and IT resources in an efficient and responsible way.

Green IT primarily focuses on the circular economy which is meant to redefine growth by focusing on extending the life of IT equipment and by reusing and recycling technology and materials. While that indeed is the essence, most people miss the point and think it is just about conserving energy and data centre cooling. Environmental benefits come not only from emission savings but also in the form of water and toxins. Let’s breakdown the major benefits of Green IT.

Green IT Benefits

Reduce Landfill Waste and Environmental Impact

While electronic waste only makes up about 2% of the landfills, the toxic material it is comprised of makes a significant percentage at about an alarming 70%! What’s equally alarming is that only about 12% of the E-waste is recycled or reused. So, what can a business entity do to make a difference?


The first solid step in the right direction is reuse. There is no greener solution to this problem than reuse, it’s the best strategy there is. Not only does it extend the life of a piece of equipment, but it also eliminates the need for manufacturing more conserving natural resources. Refurbished equipment is where DS Total Solutions comes in, we are here to help your company take a step in the Greener direction.

Before buying new equipment consider purchasing refurbished IT equipment, not only will you get the performance you need but at a fraction of the cost. Also, when getting rid of your old equipment consider giving it to a third-party processor who will make use of it.


It’s inevitable that at some point that IT equipment in your use will become completely obsolete and reusing it would no longer be an option. Recycling e-waste is the second great option that business observing green guidelines should follow. Recycling converts e-waste back into raw materials that can be used to manufacture new items, conserving the minerals being mined from the earth. Ensure that you take the proper steps to better yet partner up with a company that specializes in Information Technology Asset Disposition or ITAD for short.

By recycling and reusing you are using fewer resources in addition to reducing the number of equipment that fills the landfills. This reduces toxic waste and leaves behind a smaller carbon footprint on the planet. As important as that is, it also puts your company in a favourable light as Green IT company.

Energy and Cost Savings

Another aspect of Green IT is conserving energy required to run the equipment within your premises. If you are not reducing the amount of energy you consume to run your IT infrastructure, are you really green? There are practices you can employ to lower your overall consumption.

You can begin by determining the number of computer, phones, printers and any other electronic devices you have. Then find out how much energy all of them consume. When you have all that information, you can get rid of all non-essential items that consume a considerable amount of power. Ultimately cutting down on your energy consumed and lowering costs.

Not only does sustainable green practices make you responsible both as a company and as the individual making the decisions, but it also makes your business much more marketable in an era where the customer is growing increasingly conscious about global warming. Not only will you be likely to attract more business with a greener approach, but you will also retain your existing customers as well. Highlight the green IT initiatives your company is undertaking to customers that value such efforts will ultimately lead to establishing your brand as a forward-thinking one.

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