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Juniper Networks provides high-performance next-generation firewalls that deliver granular control and visibility from client to workload. These firewalls ensure a threat-aware network with features like application identification, user identification, protection from network and application exploits, malware detection and prevention, Encrypted Traffic Insights, URL filtering, and malicious website blocking.

More About Juniper’s NGFW

With the rise of distributed workforces, securing the network edge is increasingly important to allow users to access the data and applications they need. Juniper’s SRX Series Firewalls offer integrated NGFW protection services with application awareness, user identity, and content inspection for all types of deployments. In addition to NGFW capabilities, these firewalls also provide intrusion prevention, SSL inspection, URL filtering, and unknown threat detection. The SRX Series Firewalls provide a single security platform to address a wide range of security requirements.

Architecture & Key Components

The SRX Series NGFW services architecture includes several key components that provide a strong platform to protect enterprises from cyberattacks.

  • User Identification and Access Control: User Firewall
    The User Firewall is a core component of next-generation firewalls that enables administrators to create security policies based on user identity rather than the IP address. The User Firewall integrates with directory services like Active Directory to associate network traffic with specific users. Policies can be defined for user groups, allowing for flexible security controls. The User Firewall provides visibility into application usage at the user level, providing powerful insights into network application traffic.
  • Application Identification and Control: AppSecure
    With the rise of dynamic port and protocol changes in modern applications, securing the network is a challenge. Juniper NGFW Services offer a platform equipped to handle this challenge with AppSecure. AppSecure quickly recognizes applications, provides deep visibility and control over them, and links application use to a user regardless of location and device. AppSecure identifies vulnerabilities and helps reduce an application’s threat footprint by allowing for granular security policies.
  • Exploit Protection: Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP/IPS)
    Juniper’s intrusion prevention system is integrated with SRX to protect against network and application exploits. The intrusion detection system constantly monitors for new exploits and keeps the network protection up to date against the latest cyberattacks.
  • Real-Time Protection: SecIntel
    SecIntel provides real-time verified threat intelligence to all points of connection across the network to block malicious traffic. These threat feeds are automated and constantly updated, providing a threat-aware network.

Juniper Networks SRX Series Firewalls provide a comprehensive security platform that offers granular control and visibility, user and application identification, exploit protection, and real-time protection. These firewalls deliver a single security platform to address a wide range of security requirements and help secure a distributed workforce.

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