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Mist Wired Assurance

Claim, configure and troubleshoot switches with a few clicks. Wired Assurance delivers better experiences for connected devices through AI-powered automation and service level expectations (SLEs) with Mist’s AI engine and microservices cloud.

The EX Switches provide rich streaming telemetry data to enable the insights for switch health metrics and anomaly detection. Streamline IT operations, reduce mean time to repair, and deliver optimized experiences across wired and wireless.


The EX4650 supports powerful EVPN-VXLAN capabilities to simplify deployments and operations by providing a common technology across campus and data centers.

EVPN-VXLAN offers a scalable way to build and interconnect multiple campuses, data centers, and public clouds, delivering a variety of benefits.

Virtual Chassis

With Virtual Chassis technology, up to ten interconnected EX4650 switches operate as a single logical device, reducing operational expenses and simplifying management.

Hop-by-hop encryption enables MACsec to secure communications while maintaining network intelligence.

Wire-Speed Performance

Wire-speed performance with native 10GbE, 25GbE, and 100GbE port densities dramatically simplifies network topologies and operations.

Enterprises are demanding more high-speed, low-latency, storage- and I/O-converged networking solutions to maximize the performance of their physical servers, virtual servers, and storage. The EX4650 addresses these needs with low-latency, lossless, high-density 10GbE and 25GbE interfaces, as well as 100GbE uplinks to the core network.


The EX4650 Ethernet Switch offers a compact, highly scalable, high-performance 10/25/100GbE solution for midsized to large enterprise campus distribution deployments. The EX4650 switch delivers rich telemetry data for Wired Assurance, bringing AI-powered automation and service levels to access switching.

The EX4650 Ethernet Switch offers a compact, highly scalable, high-performance 10/25/100GbE solution for midsized to large enterprise campus distribution deployments. The EX4650 switch is cloud-ready and ZTP-enabled, so it can be onboarded, provisioned and managed with Wired Assurance, to deliver better experiences for connected devices.





Form Factor Fixed 1 U distribution/core
Port density 48 x 10/25GbE and 8 x 40/100 options
Wired Assurance Yes
Campus Fabrics Virtual Chassis, MC-LAG, ESI-LAG, EVPN-VXLAN
Cloud Managed Yes
Dimensions (W x H x D) 17.36 x 1.72 x 20.48 in (44.09 x 4.37 x 52.02 cm)
1 rack unit
Backplane speed N/A
Data rate 2 Tbps
Throughput 1.49 Bpps
Resiliency Redundant internal load-sharing power supplies; redundant variable-speed fans
Traffic Monitoring sFlow
QoS queues / port 8
MAC addresses 288,000
Jumbo frames 9216 bytes
IPv4 routes 360,000/104,000
IPv6 routes 256,000/52,000
Number of VLANs 4093
ARP entries 48,000

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