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We believe in supporting the technical advances that improves existing work conditions and elevates progress. Private clouds are a perfect choice for internal system organization in offices and campuses. Our team is always available to support our clients in building their private cloud from scratch. Our private cloud solutions are typically hosted by some of the best 3rd party data centers such as Equinix, Telehouse, Volta, Vertus, The Bunker And many more.

These systems are often split across multiple sites – built with a 100% uptime SLA – utilizing the latest Active/Active technology. A 3rd site often deployed at a former nuclear bunker for true DR.

We make sure our solutions do not cause complications but sort them out. Our key to delivering successful large scale private cloud is building manageable, scalable systems, utilizing off the shelf vendor technology to simplify deployment and support.

A standard private cloud platform consists of:

  • MetroCluster Multi Site – All SSD Storage
  • Deployable Compute Power
  • 100GB Core networking
  • Enterprise Virtualisation such as VMware
  • Telecoms Grade Security and Management

Our private cloud solutions are built as dedicated systems – Available on either Opex or Capex basis – This means we offer all the benefits of public cloud without any complicated costing issues. Our private cloud solutions scale in a much simpler and manageable fashion where the client can have full control on the backend.


Our unique third-party network maintenance
and third-party server maintenance ensures
high-end deliverance through a simplified
procedure with multiple options.