From on-premise to the cloud, and all the steps in between, DS Total Solutions & HPE are there to help you.

Our team manages and assists our clients throughout in every step of the product lifecycle whether it is project conception, through planning and design, sourcing, presaging, onsite delivery and configuration, ongoing support and maintenance, decommissioning or more.

Each project is unique and is handled as such; we specialise on converting a clients want into a customers need. This journey from want to need will improve system performance while reducing the cost of IT within your infrastructure.

Why choose Hewlett Packard Enterprise?

The cloud that comes to you, all that you know and love from your favourite public cloud provider but hosted in a DC of your choice and on hardware architected specifically for your business needs, supported by AI management and availability levels that you control. The ever-popular ProLiant server, the world’s most popular SAN and hands-off storage systems that manage and maintain themselves with guaranteed 100% availability, because at DS Total Solutions 99.9999% just isn’t enough. Great value networking, that just works, with lifetime support. Nutanix pre-deployed hyperconverged systems, vSAN pre-deployed systems and the unique disaggregated-hyperconverged systems. When you put it all together the question really becomes, why WOULDN’T you choose HPE?